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2014-10-20 17:03:14 by SMC0DT

I'm on Newgrounds now just so that I have a place that has my better stuff on it (better animations from now on because I have lost all my old videos from youtube) so yeah, btw I have done a 10 minute long video full of my animations that will be out on this and youtube on halloween. It's called SMC0DT Medley. Once again here is a link to my youtube channel.

What? Who? Why?

2014-10-20 16:53:48 by SMC0DT

I'm 15 and I do random animations (really piss poor animations) when I can be arsed, they are fully made in my sence of humour and does contain a lot of music that I don't really own the rights to (mainly from games and movies). I only use paint and windows movie maker to make them (which explains the crappy quality). If anyone can be arsed to take a look at my animations (and other really awful stuff) then take a look at my youtube channel because I can't be arsed to re upload my stuff to here.